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To be good at anything you have to love what you do. I’ve always had a passion for music and I’ve always loved discovering fresh talent. To me, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as telling friends about a musician for the very first time.

When I started Momentary Love Management in 2005, I knew the focus of the company should reflect the true nature of why I got in the business in the first place—connecting artists with the opportunities that they deserve.

Working in conjunction with concert promoters, event directors and label A&R folks like you, Momentary Love specializes in helping musicians to create and establish a plan for success. Musicians like Austin-based Beaver Nelson—a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter I’m proud to represent and call a friend; Carrie Ann Carroll…the Jersey girl who now makes Austin her home who is finding success with her first full length release “You Should Know”.

Through open communication, strong working relationships and listening –traits I developed over the years as a Human Resources professional—my role is to bring together the people and places that correspond with the goals and expectations of the performer.

We love partnering with planners who are creative and think outside the box. Whether you come to us with a vision or want us to dream up something totally unique, Momentary Love can make it happen!

lou DeMarco loves music and the people that make it. He is smart, genuine and full of compassion. Good things happen when he is in your corner.CARRIE ANN CARROLL, SINGER SONGWRITER

meet Lou DeMarco

Worked forBeautiful Day

Racine, Wisconsin

Human resources
professional for over2 decades
Member ofAmericana Music Association

Board of Directors

Radio HOST
Former booking agent
for the latestephen bruton
(Grammy Award winner for
the film “Crazy Heart”)

Manager for Sam Goody Records New York, New York
Hosted many shows and
concerts bywell-known


Ariana Gillis

Ariana Gillis


Gillis comes to us via Hamilton, Ontario where she began honing her musical chops at the tender age of 6. At the encouragement of her loving father, Ariana began learning guitar and writing her own material shortly after. Listen to Ariana sing one song in her distinct delivery and you will not be able to escape her feeling of passion. You will be in that song with her.




OSOG stands for “On Shoulders Of Giants,” honoring their musical roots, and on the way to their unique sound, they have done some deep listening. You may be tempted to think: Americana, and that would be true, because their life-water comes from the same well. But the creature nurtured on it, was born on the crossroads, in the Middle East, with the world in its ears.

Beaver Nelson

Beaver Nelson


Called a songwriting prodigy at the age of 18 by Rolling Stone, Beaver Nelson got his start in Houston playing various venues and even released two albums while still in high school.

Carrie Ann Carroll

Carrie Ann Carroll


Carrie Ann Carroll’s new CD, “You Should Know” (Productions), is a collection of confessions ranging in style from folk and singer/songwriter to country and pop, it is an emotional and melodic journey about looking for answers while losing and finding love.

Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson


By the age of 21, Rob began his work as a session drummer around the Philadelphia area. He helped form many original music projects before he would record and tour with Ben Vaughn in the late 1980s. Many of his songs speak of the journey he has traveled and the desire to overcome adversity. In 2013 Rob released his first CD titled “Catchin’ a Ride.” The music is strong, folk based rock. His love of great singers, from over the years, is evident throughout this collection.

The John Byrne Band

The John Byrne Band


The John Byrne Band is led by Dublin native and Philadelphia-based John Byrne. Their debut album, "After the Wake", was released to critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic in 2011. Their third release, another collection of John Byrne originals, entitled “The Immigrant and the Orphan”, once again, draws heavily on John’s love of Americana and Celtic Folk music.



Irish Singer Songwriter John Byrne has joined Momentary Love Management as its newest client and at the same time has joined Green Room Music Source as his sole Booking Agency. John will be touring throughout the US and Ireland in 2017 as he prepares for his newest release set for later this year. Look for John in February at Folk Alliance Internationals annual Conference in Kansas City.

Momentary Love Management will be at the Folk Alliance Conference once again this year and will host it’s third showcase room. This year the ever popular Hootenanny will take place on Saturday night starting at 1AM with over 30 artists performing “Forbidden Folk” protest songs.



As the Americana Music Association conference in Nashville nears it is a great time to catch all of you up on some client news…

Wild Ponies are in the midst of completing their follow up to the very successful “Things That Used To Shine”. Recording in early August in East Nashville, Doug and Telisha are now adding the finishing touches on what will certainly be a great successor to Shine. The hope is to release early next year as the band prepares for the festival season with high hopes. You can be a part of this great project by being a donor and in return getting a copy of the “Acoustic Demo’s”. There are still some left and to get all the details go to wildponies.net.

Beaver Nelson is also in the studios getting started on his first release since Macro/Micro in 2012. With long time buddy Scrappy Jud Newcomb at the controls and playing lead we are very hopeful to have the next release ready for spring of 2016. Beaver and the band were in Marfa Texas in early August to lay down the tracks…..vocals and additional instrumentation will be added later this month. All indications are that the project is going great with both Beaver and Scrappy very happy with early results. I was able to spend the first few days in the studio and I can tell you….this will be worth the wait Beaver fans!! To help with the cost of production Beaver is also planning on a package of “special material” for those who want to help with the release….but more on that in a few weeks.

Hilary Scott just returned to St. Louis after a very successful East Coast run and is now getting ready to hit the great Northwest. She made it back to St. Louis in time to receive the Rural Roots Music Commission award for “Vintage Folk CD of the Year” for her last release “Freight Train Love” which as you can imagine is very proud of.

Rob Robinson is also staying very busy writing new material for his first full length CD for the coming year. He continues to tour up and down the East Coast and is thrilled with the receptions he has received of late. A very large crowd came out to World Café Live (Philly) in early August to see Rob and his band play a great set before Rob the former World Champion Snare Drummer sat in on traps with Dan Montgomery and his band.

Carrie Ann Carroll has also been writing as she contemplates next steps after her very successful release in 2014 of “You Should Know”. She has also been seen playing around town in Austin of recent……a very good sign of things to come.

Dad’s Hat Rye is also prepping for our first film night with “An Evening With The Dude”! Yes we will be showing the Coen Brother classic “The Big Lebowski” with White Rye Russians and W’Rye Russians (both made with either Dad’s Hat White Rye or our regular Rye). For more details and to purchase tickets go to dadshatrye.com.

Starting this September Momentary Love Management will help to expand the overall experience of Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Tours have been around since the company’s inception but starting this September regular tours every weekend will commence. These tours (1 hour long) will include a thorough tour of the facility with a history of the company as told by one of the owners (Herman Mihalich or John Cooper). The tour will end with a tasting of available products. All products will also be available for sale. Tour times will be noon, 1:30 PM and 3PM every Saturday. You can go to the Dad’s Hat website to sign up for tours.

At least one Saturday evening every month there will be a special event at the Distillery. This could be a concert, a special pairing, cocktail making class, cigars with whiskey etc. We will kickoff this season with a concert on Saturday evening September 27, 2014 featuring singer songwriter Tim Easton. Tim a Ohio native and currently living in East Nashville has released 7 CD’s, his most recent last year, Not Cool. Showtime is 8PM on Saturday evening September 27, 2014. More information on ticket sales is available on the Dad’s Hat website. at www.dadshatrye.com




lou DeMarco




To be good at anything, you have to love what you do.